Recruiting Strategy: Diversity.

The more diverse a group, the more creative the group. And, fun 🙂

But, how does one ensure the recruitment strategy will attract a diverse population of volunteers?

A couple of tips pulled from and bumped up.

TIP ONE – Say it

Be sure your marketing materials and communications state that you are looking for volunteers of all abilities, that the organization strives for inclusivity, that you are an equal opportunity organization (because everyone has the right to volunteer!) and consider removing identifying information from the review process and make skills, experience and interest the focus of forms and interviews.

TIP TWO – Show it

Be sure your marketing and materials SHOW inclusivity. Choose images that represent the diversity of volunteers.

Finding Images

For volunteer driven organizations, free is often essential. Here is an overview of websites where non-profits can locate great photographs and images free of charge – or with a small charge – by Tech Soup, here is the webpage.

Using Images

Same article in Tech Soup provides short and good primer for non-profits on how to use and credit the images.