Thank a Volunteer!

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Thank a Volunteer is a monthly program running from November 2019 to October 2020.

To kick off The Volunteer News, twelve bracelets were commissioned from Links of Love.

Each month a new bracelet will be delivered to a volunteer living in the Beaver Bank/Sackville area.


The winner of the bracelet is selected, randomly, from a barrel of “thanks.”

For every “thank you” submitted, and for every subsequent Like and/or Share on social media, the volunteer gets one ballot in their name.

Every month, a new volunteer name is selected from the barrel. Names remain in the barrel for the remainder of the promotion.


To secure a ballot for your volunteer, please ‘thank a volunteer.’ Here is how:

1. Post a “thank you” to the person on fb/The Volunteer News, OR

2. Like and comment on a “thank you” post on fb/The Volunteer News, OR

3. Go to  the website and send a message (you can choose to keep your vote anonymous!), OR

4. send an email  to, OR

Click here to Thank a Volunteer

Free to participate. Nominations and thank yous open until midnight, the last day of each month.

Thank you.

Thank a Volunteer Bracelet  for November, 2019

Name of Bracelet:  

“Autumn Passion”

by Links of Love

Notes from designers at Links of Love:

The beads selected for this bracelet are a nod to the beautiful colours of autumn, and the passion volunteers bring to community.  Beads include:

  • hand-painted wooden beads
  • beautiful orange glass beads
  • tumbled Agate stones
  • two Swarovski cubes resting on either side of a metal heart that says “love”
  • three silver beads to represent past, present, and future.

It is as unique as the volunteer who will receive it. Helping others on a voluntary basis is such a noble venture. This is why the link contains so many different elements.

Our motto is “Links of Love: Making a difference one link at a time,” and certainly volunteers are just like the links—making a difference  one link at a time.   fb/links of love

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Thank a Volunteer Bracelet  for December, 2019

Name of Bracelet:

“The Northern Lights”

by Links of Love

The December (The Northern Lights) bracelet celebrates the volunteer in our darkest hours.

Notes from Links of Love

We are going to call this bracelet The Northern Lights as a reminder to look to the heavens for hope. Hope is what volunteers bring to our communities.

“The Algonquin tribes believed the aurora borealis were reflections of giant fires started by the maker of earth and a sign that she still cares for her creations.” Source: Aurora Zone

The Northern Lights bracelet features:

  • 8 lava stones represent infinity and a constant flow of energy and power
  • 4 lava stones represent the earth
  • 2 green seed beads represent the land we live on
  • 2 more lava stones represent our sky
  • the Hematite stars and cubes represent our horizon
  • the Aurora Borealis contains: 2 blue cathedral glass beads, 2 jadeite, 2 teal murano glass, 2 purple aurora beads, 2 dragonfire beads, 1 piece of aurora borealis murano glass and finally, 925 silver moon and star charms.

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Thank a Volunteer Bracelet  for January, 2020

Name of Bracelet:

“Magic of Winter”

by Links of Love

Notes from the designers at Links of Love:

The January bracelet is called “Magic of Winter” to remind us of the magic of winter and the beauty it has, if we only open our hearts and minds to see it.

Volunteers see the value and beauty in the organizations that are near and dear to their hearts – where others would see nothing.

Winter is a beautiful frost-filled world for us to enjoy. It is also a promise that Spring is on its way.

The Magic of Winter bracelet includes:

  • 3 dark stones to represent the a winter night sky
  • white stones represent the colours of new fallen snow
  • 2 swarovski crystals to connect the land to the sky
  • 2 silver stars and 1 silver heart.

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